Q & A

What are my choices when it comes to television and web commercials?

This is like saying, what flavour of ice cream can I have at Ben and Jerry’s.  The choices are endless.  But in an attempt to help narrow it down, we have divided it up into three common style options.  They have different price points attached to them, but the most expensive option is not always necessary to achieve your goals.

Digi style uses a series of still images and graphics which are moved and flowed in and out throughout the commercial to create motion and guide the eye. They are an excellent way to create a high end looking piece of video or broadcast creative with efficient price points. (and blue chip companies use them all the time).

Full motion. The name says it all. We shoot the footage ourselves in full chip HD and edit it together in Final Cut, Premiere or After Effects. Or sometimes all three. We also have been called on to take B-roll footage shot by others and pull a polished finished spot together.

Animation. Through Flash, 2D or 3D we can create an animated message that entertains, informs and moves you. Info-animations and How To Animations have become so commonplace in online and broadcast programs.

We make a habit of always discussing the best strategy with you  to help you make the right choice.



Should I use the same commercial for my online campaign?

Yes.  And no.  It depends on the particular online placement usage.  And the commercial.  If it’s a general tell all about your business it would work perfectly loaded into most of your sharing platforms such as your Google Places account, YouTube channel, Pinterest , Google + profiles and Facebook.  If you’re investing heavily in a pre-roll campaign we would recommend a different strategy to keep eyeballs on your creative past the click out point.  This is all determined before you begin to help you achieve maximum lift and ROI for your video investment.



Branded verses Direct Response – What’s right for me?

A branded commercial or a direct response — what’s the best choice for you?   It all depends on the type of business or service you are promoting.

What’s a branded commercial?   This is a commercial that may or may not have concrete claims, but leans heavily on style, graphic and audio appeal, music, emotion and attitude.
Coca Cola or its’ competitors produce branded commercials to convince you their soft drink is “more fun” or “cooler” than the others.

What’s a direct response commercial?  Retail products that have a concrete purpose such as a weight loss product or automobile dealership often go for a direct response style.  It generally presents a claim, a price point and a firm call to action.

In some cases we create a hybrid which brands and injects a call to action.  Direct response commercials should also adhere to a branding guide, visual consistency and a proper flow and use of space to draw the eye through, in spite of the call to action and urge to buy throughout or at the end.



What’s the difference between offline and online editing?

In a professional pull together editing scenario, offline editing is the initial edit.  The objective of the offline edit is to create an (EDL) edit decision list which is basically a list of which shots go where. Once you’ve completed that, you take it into an online edit suit and just assemble the shots together according to that list.

In the days before desktop editing, editing was a lot more of a process and much more expensive.  Given today’s tech savvy, software heavy environment producers are able to save a lot of money by using low res off line desktop solutions for the all important decisions before pulling it all together.



Do you help me place my commercial in broadcast or online?

Most definitely.  We have a long history of strategic media placement with established broadcasters and relationships with the most effective online networks including the Olive Group or Casale Network as well as Google remarketing placement.