Global Inventory RTBWe create video content for all of the video formats available in the online world giving you many different ways to share your branded video messaging.  Preroll commercials on Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and dozens of other video sites.  Web banners on RTB (real time bidding) for DSP (demand side platforms) , SSP (supply side platforms) and Ad exchanges. Introduction messaging with your Google Places and web welcome videos. And mobile platforms. The digital arena gives you endless ways to visually brand and create meaningful calls to action.

We work with both demand and supply side platforms, publishers and independent buyers, ensuring the creative is designed for maximum response for the particular channel chosen.

Specifications of major media formats are constantly being updated internally so we are able to quickly output your visual vision and supply it to the channels you have chosen to market your impressions.


We do our best to accomodate goals and budgets wherever possible.   Video has become an invaluable tool in online networks and content marketing.


Here are some examples of recent work.

Google Adwords Creative for

We needed to create an animated piece that would hold eyeballs past the 5 second click out mark.  Thousands of views later,  the impression and click through objectives were overwhelmingly achieved.   Required art direction, storyboard, animation, sound design, announcer, stock music audio design.  

Debtcare Web Welcome Video

This video was placed on the home page of  This business category demands a first impression that says trust and knowledge.  Directing employees to speak on behalf of their roles this piece was very convincing in making that positive first impression on visitors to the Debtcare website.  Required minor art direction, small studio green screen shoot, sound design, announcer, stock music audio design, announcer casting.


Web banners

Here’s an example of a 10 second web banner created for the Rogers media banner network.  This was part of a full video branding campaign including broadcast creative. Required art direction, animation in flash and final assembly in After Effects, audio design, announcer.

Prudent Financial required an animated banner campaign for a 2 loan programs. We created their complete brand for broadcast and online. This is an example of a banner for the Rogers digital network.  Requirements – Art direction, animation in After Effects.  



Like to see more? Visit our Youtube channel. We welcome the chance to discuss how you can utilize your visual brand for social sharing to maximize your investment. Call Tim McLarty at 416.304.0339 for details.