• Yumalite Greenscreen shoot

    Working with the marketing team of YumaLite, we provided all aspects of production for the YumaLite infomercial.

    Yumalite  Greenscreen shoot
  • WestPark Fundraising video

    WestPark Healthcare Centre asked us to create an inspirational video to inspire donations at a fundraiser.

    WestPark Fundraising video

Welcome to OntrackSpots

Broadcast Spots

icon-broadcastvideoWith over 3500 commercials under our belt since 1998, we feel we know a thing or two about producing brand and direct response commercials for broadcast.

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Online Spots

icon-onlinevideoThe power of the web can’t be ignored. So we opened a digital division to write, produce and place video content specifically for online mediums such as Google Adwords and Trueview Video.

Online Content

icon-socialmediaSocial media is the thirsty beast that provides incredible ROI when fed a regular helping of carefully crafted quality content. That’s where we come in.


icon-screencastsNothing sells better than a professionally produced demo video.  Have a new software program? Produce a professional screencast video to show your potential market how easy your software is to use. Have a unique product? Show it with video.

YouTube Marketing

icon-mediaplacementPeople are spending so much time on YouTube.  Shouldn’t you be there too?  Organize a strategy to really sell to your audience with thought out plan for appealing to a growing YouTube audience.


icon-designWe’re about making you look good.  And once we’ve helped you find the perfect combination of fonts, colours and logo, we make sure it looks good across all your branded platforms. Ask about our customized CMS websites where video drives results.